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It has often been said that the installation of tile consist of 3 parts – tile, thinset and grout. But with the switch to the thinset method and the increased popularity of large tiles and planks, surface prep products are now equally important.

These products may be floor leveling products and/or crack suppression products. These should be used on most every job to “do it right the first time.”

Byrd Tile offers a wide range of choices in both categories in stock!


  • Floor Mud
  • Self Leveling
  • Trowel Grade Underlayment
  • Featheredge
  • Propatch

Crack Suppression

  • Speedflex (peel and stick)
  • Flexguard (peel and stick)
  • WP6000
  • Chloraloy
  • Wall Seal
  • EZ Seal
  • Noble Deck

Quick-Drain Linear DrainQuick-Drain Linear Drain
Now an affordable linear drain system. (As little as $300). Allows for larger tiles to be installed in shower floors because there is only a need to slope in one direction. Available in a variety of lengths and cover styles (We stock 4 lengths.) Can be installed in conventional mortar bed or with its own pre-slope.

ClearPath Shower SystemClearPath Shower System

A barrier free (no curb) shower floor system that provides slope to the drain without cutting into the floor joists. Available in 4 sizes.

Ditraheat Floor Warming SystemDitraheat Floor Warming System

The fastest and easiest way to install a heated floor system. Roll out the mat and thin set down to the subfloor. Punch in the correct sized wire kit into the mat and connect to the thermostat. No slurry coat needed over the wires. Stocked in a variety of wire lengths. 25 year warranty!

No Drill Fixtures and Grab Bars“No-Drill” Fixtures and Grab Bars

No more drilling through hard porcelain tile to find the studs. Holds with patented adhesive developed for the auto industry. ADA compliant – 250lb. capacity.

LEED Certification

  • How can tile help a building earn LEED Certification points?
    Today, almost all of Byrd Tile’s tile manufacturers have earth-friendly factories. These factories capture the heat from their kilns and re-circulate it into their drying rooms or use the heat to warm the factories in winter. Their clay and glazes are recaptured and recycled into new tile products and the tile manufacturers use 100% lead-free glazes. Most of Byrd Tile’s manufacturers also recycle their water, keeping the sludge and impurities out of our water supply. Also, stone left on the cutting room floors is recaptured and cut into smaller pieces to form beautiful mosaic borders. Even the boxes used for shipping the tiles are made from recycled cardboard. When those boxes arrive at Byrd Tile, we also recycle the boxes, keeping them out of our landfills. Technically, these earth friendly processes are good for our environment but these processes do not qualify for LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – a rating system created and administered by the US Green Building Council).
  • So, specifically, how can tile help a building earn certification points?
    If the raw materials to create the tiles are harvested, produced and delivered within a 500-mile radius, the US Green Building Council considers the product to be more environmentally friendly and awards points toward LEED certification. Byrd Tile has several tiles that are manufactured within a 500-mile radius; Also, if the content of the tile has 10% – 20% or more post-consumer re-cycled product, then the US Green Building Council considers it to be environmentally friendly and awards points toward LEED certification. Byrd Tile has many tiles that are made with recycled post-consumer materials like Vihara Glass tile, Green Tech porcelain tile and Mizu Crackled ceramic tiles just to name a few!

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