3 Benefits of Schluter DITRA-HEAT Electric Floor Warming


We’ve all been there…you roll out of your cozy cocoon of a bed in the morning and shuffle through your plush carpet over to the bathroom, where: ICE! The floor is freezing! You shiver as your formerly toasty tootsies send a chill up your spine. You’re sure awake now.

Enter DITRA-HEAT, the premiere electric floor warming system from Schluter. Whether you are installing tile, stone, of LVT floors, you can ensure that you never have to step on icy flooring again. Here are just a few of the benefits of DITRA-HEAT:

Built in Water Proofing

When installing an electric floor warming system in an area where there is significant water usage (such as a bathroom or kitchen), it’s important to ensure that water won’t fry your system. This is why all DITRA systems are waterproof and vapor-managing. Their polypropylene composition blocks moisture from penetrating the system, which is important since most substrates are moisture-sensitive.

Built-In Uncoupling

Uncoupling is an essential feature for ensuring that your flooring does not crack from uneven weight distribution. The uncoupling layer in DITRA-HEAT uses a geometric configuration to neutralize movement stress on your floor. This feature safeguards your flooring against cracks and protects your electric floor warming system from damage.

Lifetime Warranty

When you install any DITRA system with a Schluter thin-set mortar, your purchase is guaranteed for life. This full resolution warranty means that Schluter will cover the full cost of your project, including materials and labor. No depreciated value means that your purchase is fully covered for the same amount on year 10 as it is on day 1.

It’s easy to see why Schluter DITRA-HEAT flooring is simply a no-brainer. Use the DITRA-HEAT cost estimator to determine the product cost of installing this floor warming system in your space (installation and other fees not included). Install Schluter DITRA-HEAT in your home and never experience cold feet again!


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