Electric Heated Floor System:

Ditra-Heat by Schluter

Ever wake up in the middle of a cold night and have to walk across a cold floor?  It’s bad enough to be awakened in the middle of the night by natures call, but to then have the shock of the cold floor increase your alertness is no fun!


When starting your remodel project, you will want to consider if this is a good time to add an electric heated floor system.  Because installing a heated floor system requires replacing existing flooring, you will want to give this some good thought before skipping the heated flooring system.

Uniform Heating

An unheated tile floors temperature will conform to the temperature of your room.  Room temperature, while comfortable to the skin, is colder than our body temperature of 98.6 and thus to our bare feet feels uncomfortable.


Heating your floor has several advantages.

  1. Uniform heating of the floor, with no cold spots.
  2. The stability of the floor temperature can help the room temperature remain stable, especially in colder weather.
  3. It just feels so good!


Did I mention that you can even heat your shower floor?


Effortless to run

Once installed your floor heating system will be virtually maintenance free.  The only effort you will have is to set your thermostat, and even that is easy if you choose the Wi-Fi control!   Warranty?  Yes, the Schulter-Systems Ditra Heat systemcomes with a 15 year warranty.  In some instances, it will have a lifetime warranty, so be sure to ask about what you need to do to have a lifetime warranty.

Manual Thermostat

Programable and Programable Wi-Fi Thermostat

Free Estimate

Let us help you with your project.  We will be glad to give you a free estimate on what a heated floor system would cost you. Set up an appointmentor call 919-876-5997.  Remember to also ask your tile installer what the cost for installation will be.