Layout options for your tile project


The layout choice for your project is just as important as the actual tile you select.  A simple 3×6 white subway for example will look totally different from the standard brick layout, when a herringbone or basket weave is chosen.

Standard brick layout using a plain, white, 3×6 subway tile.


Herringbone layout using the same plain white 3×6 subway tile.


Layout can affect the cost of installation and the amount of excess tile that is needed to achieve your design.  Your tile professional will recommend that you order 10-15% over what the actual measurements call for.  This is NOT a ploy to sell more tile, but to account for the cuts that must be made during installation, and for the inevitable breakage during shipping and normal handling.  Uninstalled tile is much more delicate than it is once installed.  However don’t let this hinder your creativity!  Remember that tile is a long-term choice in home décor so go for the extra few dollars and choose what you want!


Below are 10 different layout choices for you to consider.

Running Bond  Rectangular (aka brick lay):  order 10% additional material

Running Bond  Square (aka brick lay):  Order 10% additional material

¾” Running Bond Rectangular (aka ¾ brick lay):  order 10-15% material.

Basket Weave:  order 10% additional material.

Rectangular Angled Grid:  order 20% additional material.

Linear Rectangular Grid:  order 10% additional material.

45 Degree Herringbone:  order 15% additional material.

90 Degree Herringbone:  order 10% additional material

Linear Square Grid:  order 10% additional material.

Diamond:  order 20% additional material.

Refer to more information on tile layout and measurements.

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