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Preparing For Your Complimentary Tile Design Appointment


Having watched tile selection over the years I have great respect for the process. A successful appointment begins with two very important words: BE PREPARED. Yes, we are taking a page out of the Boy Scout Handbook.

Come Prepared

Your time with the design consultant is valuable and limited to an allotted slot. As you may know from how long it took to get on her schedule these appointments can take a while to get scheduled. So here are some tips to help you prepare. (Have I said “prepared” yet?)

Idea Gathering

Pinterest and Houzz are very popular sites for gathering ideas in one place. Make a board for KITCHEN BACKSPLASH, BATHROOM SHOWER TILE, FLOOR TILE, OUTDOOR TILE, or whatever your project is you can separate them into categories. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign-up for free and save your ideas. Send your username to your consultant with your “what to send ahead of time” items and she can use this to prepare for your appointment.

Talk To Your Professional

Discuss your project budget with your builder or remodeler. If you need a list of professionals, Byrd Tile will be happy to assist you with this. It is very important that you know your budget when looking at tile.

Browse Before Your Appointment

I love to window shop! If this is your “thing”, feel free to come to the showroom beforehand and just look around. If someone asks if you need help, just tell them that you are preparing for your appointment … they will know you read my blog! Remember though, you are just browsing….ha!


Gather and Collect

Grab a bag or box and toss in your countertop sample, paint swatch, fabric sample and cabinet door fronts. As many of these as you’re able to bring, will make your selections much more successful.

What To Send Ahead Of Time

Email your favorite pictures, floor plans and budget to the design consultant a few days in advance of your appointment. This allows her to know where to direct you and what to steer clear of. Lets face it, if your budget is $9.50 a square foot, she doesn’t want to show you $30 a square foot marble, even if that’s what your dream is, no one will walk away happy in that situation!

Quick Reference

  • Schedule your appointment here
  • Use Pinterest or Houzz
  • Bring your budget
  • Bring floor plans/room layout
  • Bring countertop
  • Bring color swatches (cabinet doors, paint, fabric etc)

The Results of Preparation

There really isn’t much more to say.

Parade of Homes 2017 | Byrd Tile

Parade of Homes 2017 | Byrd Tile used with permission from Homestead Builders.