Ceramic Tile: A Versatile Material for Floors, Walls & Backsplashes

Come to Byrd Tile for a wide selection of glazed ceramic tile. From decorative styles for the wall to economically priced tile for the floor, we have an extensive selection.  Glazed ceramic tile is stain resistant and comes in all the sizes, colors and styles that you need to complete your remodeling project.

A natural product, ceramic tile is stain-resistant and popular for many uses around the home, including kitchen and bathroom floors, walls and backsplashes. If you have a question regarding the appropriate type of ceramic tile to use for your project, please schedule an appointment. Our tile design consultants will explain the different PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) ratings for our ceramic tile and help you find the product you need.

Since most ceramic tile products do not absorb and will not retain liquids, or absorb fumes, odors or smoke, ceramic tile is a perfect choice for any environment where hygiene is essential. Visit Byrd Tile’s showrooms in Greenville and Raleigh, NC to learn more about hypoallergenic ceramic tile.

Because we have been in business for more than 40 years, we have developed close relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the world. We guarantee the highest quality products for every job, both residential and commercial.