Ruth Ann Taylor of Designer at Cassedy and Fahrbach Design Partners and member of the NKBA Eastern Carolina’s chapter recently helped coordinate a phenomenal speaking engagement with Sarah Susanka, author of “The not so big house” series.  We attended this wonderful evening and had a few antedotes to share that we found valuable.

Angela, Ruth Ann and Sarah

    1) “Helping people understand why they need good design” –Sarah Susanka

Spending more on details that make differences in quality and resale value applies perfectly to the Byrd Tile Distributors philosophy. Invest a little more on some areas such as tile because they will last longer and create impressions that are remarkable.

Ruth Ann Taylor and Sarah Susanka

2) “Focus on Quality not Quantity”- Sarah Susanka

 Sarah recommends staying away from the size and Mcmansions that have overcome our communities and taken away from the charming and warm feel of an established neighbordhood. Focus on details, good design, and quality of your spaces and the products you put into them.

Angela and John Sperath from Blue Ribbon Construction

3) In regards to tile focal points Sarah Susanka mentioned this in her presentation:

“Using a point of focus (like a tile focal point in this picture) is like giving a place a face. It’s like a simple artpiece.”

Don’t be afraid to give your home a personality, it’s what makes it stand out from all the other houses on the street.


Learn about Sarah’s other books from her “Not so Big” series which concentrates on downsizing and ultilizaing space.