bubble tiles

You don’t have to be a Feng Shui master to understand the positive effects that water features bring to a space. Incorporating bubbles, waterfalls, and waves into your home decor creates a palpable sense of flow, function, and freedom, all benefiting your overall aesthetic. Know Feng Shui gives guidance on harnessing water’s properties of gentleness and grace as one of your most powerful home design tools. Let’s take a deeper look.

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  1. Water is powerful, encompassing all extremes, as a healer and a destroyer. Water is also an ancient symbol of abundance. Ask yourself what areas of your home you’re looking to infuse some serious power and abundance … your home office or kitchen? (Probably not the laundry room!)
  2. Water is the only element (out of the 5 feng shui elements) that can exist in several different states – from liquid to gas to solid – a fact which emphasizes its potent, ever-changing energy. Going through a metamorphosis of your own? Try expressing this through creative tiles and shifting patterns to create movement on any decorative surface of your home.  
  3. The water element is very free in its presence and expression – drizzling or storming as it falls to the earth as rain, resting calmly, powerfully or rhythmically in rivers, lakes, and oceans, as well as quietly saving its treasures, deep within, as underground water reservoirs and geysers. By placing free flowing water design elements throughout your home, especially through the use of flooring and tiling choices, you’re able to tell this same story of freedom and hidden surprises.
  4. In its simplest definition, water is life giving. All living things – plants, animals, humans – need this nourishment to survive. Celebrate the fullness and warmth of your home with flowing, organic designs, in shades of misty blue, pearly white, mirrored sparkles, sea green, and even as deep as the blackest night – each of these calming water tones brings refreshing life to your overall home design.

For more tile and flooring ideas that mimic the characteristics of this feng shui element, contact our design consultants today. We look forward to bringing a harmonious feeling to your next indoor or outdoor redesign.