Stone Tile: Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Travertine, & Slate

Countertops. Flooring. Backsplashes. Patios. Walkways. Entryways. Fireplaces. Stone tile offers natural beauty and durability suited for a variety of applications. Whether polished, unpolished, tumbled or textured, stone tile can create a distinctive look for your bathroom, kitchen and everywhere in between.

At Byrd Tile, our stone tile collection includes marble tile, granite tile, onyx tile, limestone tile, travertine tile and slate tile from some of the most popular brands around the globe. Consider our Raleigh and Greenville showrooms your best resource for marble floor tiles, travertine tile backsplashes, granite tile countertops and more, from large-format patterns to small, intricate mosaics.

Come to our Raleigh and Greenville showrooms to see our large selection and meet our designers.